I began my advertising career in Detroit where I worked as a copywriter at D’Arcy-MacManus & Masius, J. Walter Thompson, and Doner, eventually working my way up to Senior Vice President and Creative Director at Campbell-Ewald Advertising on the Chevrolet account. After winning a number of major awards (no not this kind), I was recruited to Madison, Wisconsin where I became a partner and Creative Director at Lindsay & Stone Advertising.

Ten months later, the agency changed its name to Lindsay, Stone & Briggs and we were busy working for a wide range of clients that included Kraft, Pepsi, Weyerhaeuser, Lava Lamps, and Kimberly-Clark among others.  In addition to producing great, effective advertising, public relations, and promotions – samples of which you can see here – we also began working with our clients to develop new products based on the strategies and insights we gleaned from our work with their customers. Taking the reins of this new practice area, I dialed back my involvement in our communications work and focused on product innovation.

After 17 years, a lot of great work, and more than a few late nights of soul searching, I decided to leave the agency in 2006. My first love was writing and I wasn’t doing enough of it anymore. I was spending too many evenings behind the glass watching focus groups and eating M&Ms; sitting for too many hours in meetings being pelted with words like paradigm, utilize, and empower; logging too many miles on the road that ended at Hampton Inns and Courtyards which all seemed to blend together in one beige landscape.

So I stuck a desk in my basement, ordered a second phone line, upgraded my Mac and started my second career as a freelance writer. Over the past ten years, I’ve worked for agencies writing national television commercials, websites, and long-form videos. I’ve worked directly with clients to help them better define their brands and breathe life into business plans. I’ve developed media relations campaigns, social media efforts, and even helped turn Chicago’s Union Station into the north woods for Leinenkugel’s beer.

Take a look at some of my samples in my portfolio. And, if you have a need for some great writing and skillful video production, shoot me an email. I’d be happy to contribute ideas to your next campaign.